I recently read an article by Sarah Payne for Human Capital Media’s Industry Insights that talked about how more than half of workers in the US are actively searching for new jobs. That’s a shockingly huge number. I’m also thinking back over the many years I worked for one company… and what prevented me from wanting to leave. Of course, it did cross my mind occasionally. (Where would I have more opportunity to grow? What would be best for my career?) Again and again, however, I would think of the bright, energetic, fun people I worked with and to me, they felt like “home.” I knew that environment would be tough to recreate elsewhere, even if a job somewhere else paid more or had a more prestigious title. So, I ask: Do you feel like work is “home away from home?” What makes it feel that way? If not, what would make it feel that way? (Or do you even want it to feel that way?) Please share your thoughts. Thanks! -Carolyn