Greetings, all! For those of you who know me well, you know that I’ve gone through some tough times recently. On December 27th, I lost my mom to Parkinson’s Disease (among other ailments) and it’s been difficult to adjust to a world that she’s no longer a part of, at least in the traditional sense. One of the things that helped me get through the dark moments was having a bright spark on the horizon: Graduating from the Founder Institute @founding (“FI.”) For those
of you unfamiliar with FI, it was started by Adeo Ressi, (one of Elon Musk’s roommates in college), and is one of the toughest startup accelerators in the world. I can say from personal experience, it almost killed me! Somehow, I made it, and graduated on January 16th. I’m sorry that my mom didn’t get to hear about the accomplishment, but I know she would have been be proud.

I am eternally grateful to the directors of FI– Sacramento (Mariah Lichtenstern @lightedstar, Veronica Smith @VeronicaGold, and Craig Pritsky @CraigPritsky), to the mentors of the program (too many to mention!), to the other founders in my cohort (Alexis Jones @alexispjones, Brenda Tello Horton @BrendaHorton, Chelsea Dudgeon, Jagpal Singh, Juan Juan @jjuan01, and Nathalie Mvondo @NathalieMvondo), and most of all to my family, cofounder, friends, advisors, and all of you (Craig Peer @AVS_Craig, Guillermo Borges, Garry Saperstein, Flora Saperstein, Jennifer Gargulinski, and Misha Logvinov). I could NEVER have made it without you.

And now, I turn the page and begin a new chapter with Humaxa @HumaxaInc. We are the cusp of having our prototype ready. The Workplace Community Builder will soon be available for early beta clients and testing. This is a brilliant opportunity to work with us and help mold this tool into something that defines a whole new way to address employee retention and engagement. Do you know someone who might like to partner with us on this adventure? Please let me know!

Thanks again for all your support. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Carolyn Peer

CEO, Humaxa Inc.