Why Humaxa?

Network and Application Security
is bespoke. If a client wants to have their servers based in a particular country or continent, so long as Amazon Web Services has a presence there, Humaxa can do it.

Industry Validation Layer
is included in tech stack. Humaxa has experienced industry experts who have built this validation layer that allows our AI to be extremely accurate in a particular domain.

Humaxa's "Max" utilizes a patented Suggested Activity Engine that anticipates what an end user needs based on how they've answer questions in the past.

Proactive Alerts:
Humaxa's "Max" doesn't just answer questions and generate reports, it will pay attention to future happenings and alert you with new information if you want it to. Humaxa took years to perfect this technology that adjusts to the right frequency, times, and reasons to be proactive.

Humaxa has built technology to counteract the tendency for large language models (LLMs) to make things up and sound authoritative, even when wrong.

Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others coming soon.

Training Sources:
Humaxa can consume data, documents, text, and code in a variety of formats.


Humaxa's validation layer is trained by numerous industry experts with deep domain expertise. This allows "Max" to answer accurately.

Humaxa's founding team has more than 110 years of combined experience in the industry.