Transforming the Automotive Industry through AI Efficiencies - Forbes articles featuring Humaxa

Forbes writer Steve Tengler took some time out of his busy days at the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) WCX to interview Humaxa's Jennifer Gargulinski on how the Automotive industry is being transformed through AI. Steve started off by sharing the concept of "work smarter" instead of launching right into the topic of AI. The importance of this tactic can't be understated. Why? Because so much of the world is focused on AI, just because it's #AI      (and a hot topic of the moment.) That's NOT what Steve did and thank goodness!

Instead, Steve looked at a long, long, long examined problem in the Automotove Industry and elsewhere: How to work smarter... how to do more with less... how to be efficient. Of course, this problem is not exclusive to Automotive - it's present in every industry. But there are some aspects of Automotive that are unique.

For one, until recently when autonomous driving reared its head, Automotive was considered a bit of a ho-hum industry. It may be viewed as a heavy manufacturing industry kicked off Karl Benz in 1886 and brought to life by Henry Ford around 1908 as mass production was possible using the assembly line. Generations of workers viewed the industry as a way to make a living, perhaps a good living, but less inspirational than going into Finance or Technology.

Experience, older workers are ageing out of Automotive. New workers are joining up, but they don't have the knowledge or experience to pick up where the experienced workers left off. This isn't just about saving time and finding efficiencies - it's about the very survival of the human capital within the industry.

Steve Tengler shares how Humaxa is helping overcome issues related to dregulatory and standards compliance. To quote Steve, "Those who have migrated a product between regions, customers, teams, etc. know the herculean tasks of consuming the relevant standards and requirements, training the distributed team and understanding how these constraints impact your product. Weeks. Months." The pain of engineering a product that turns out to be non-complianct - well, let's not go there but suffice it to say these are expensive mistakes.

What other aspects of the Automotive Industry are unique? What have your found?

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