Humaxa, backed by SHRM Labs, adds no-code HR Assistant functionality through Querlo partnership

When is change a good word?

There are so many types of change… change you look forward to, change you dread, change that surprises you, change that creeps up on you…necessary change, unavoidable change… happy change. It’s all change, and identical change can affect people in different ways.

So much change.

We at Humaxa have some thrilling changes to announce:

·       Partnership Change: We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Querlo, a conversational AI and data performance analytics company to bring even more functionality to our assistant Max.Through our partnership with Querlo, Max can be pre-trained to recognize and react to hundreds of intents like “Where can I find our work-from-home policy?”

·       Product Change: It’s now possible for Humaxa admins to add questions and answers for Max to proactively provide to employees.

·       Branding Change: “Max” (our AI Assistant)has a new look and feel that we’re very proud of!


Humaxa’s partnership with Querlo, led by Francesco Rulli (CEO)and Maurizio Ranaboldo (CTO), will give customers bespoke Conversational AI options. Querlo employs a team of highly qualified technologists with offices in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Francesco himself is on a mission to democratize Artificial Intelligence.Under Francesco’s direction, Querlo has helped companies improve their operations and teamwork through intelligence in their internal and external networks. Querlo provides solutions not only in English but also in a wide range of languages. Francesco has also been a Forbes AI Solutions partner since 2019.

Through dozens of conversations with Humaxa’s clients and prospects, we’ve learned that a fundamental change was needed in our ability to offer no-code solutions for HR frequently asked questions. Who wants to show employees where to look up their benefits for the 50th time when there are much more valuable problems to tackle? If you’ve ever wanted to hire a low-level FAQ assistant that you can program yourself – using absolutely no code – you’ve come to the right place.

In September of 2022, SHRM Labs allowed Humaxa to participate in a study on employee engagement. During that study, we at Humaxa realized that our image of Max was being misconstrued by some people – they actually described Max as scary. This is about as far away from our goal as possible.  We want Max to be a fun,funny, self-deprecating robot that makes people relax and feel safe. We partnered with the original artist who created Max to give Max a face lift. We hope you enjoy talking to the “new and improved” Max!

Change is just a part of evolution. We all know what happens when change stops… we have only to look at the dodo and the dinosaurs to figure that out.

Let us know what you think. Is there change on the horizon for you? Do you think change is a good word?

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