HR Game Probability Road Map

Having spent 23 years in the Human Capital Management industry, and reporting up through Human Resources (or People Operations) for the majority of those years, I recall an old colleague of mine telling me:

“Carolyn, try to NOT report up through HR.”


“There’s a lack of respect and credibility for HR.”

What? Really? Why would that be the case?

As most people know, human capital is simultaneously the most valuable and most expensive item on an organization’s balance sheet. If a company acquired a piece of equipment or a brand with the same economic value as its people, there would be no question about the need to determine what made it operate in the best way possible.

Why don’t we look at human capital the same way? Perhaps because they’re people. People are inherently complex, difficult to understand, and with whom are tricky to create win/win scenarios.

That’s where HR Game Theory steps in. Are you interested in how to transform HR from business partner to profit partner – where all sides win? Data is the answer.

Step 1: Gather project details: What questions do you want answered?

Step 2: Determine how Game Theory can help.

Step 3: Collect all process data.

Step 4: Go back to the questions you want answered and determine which equations are needed for Game Probability answers.

Step 5: Run all the data collected through the equations.

Step 6: Present and monitor the data model via a dashboard.

Although this may appear to be an oversimplified way of looking at HR data to answer everyday business questions, it works. It’s like having the answers to the test – before the test is even created.

What questions do you want answers to?

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