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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alfred?

Alfred is the default name for Humaxa’s fun chatbot assistant. His one purpose in life is to make the workplace feel like a community where people are comfortable providing feedback, connecting, learning, and feeling appreciated.

How smart is Alfred?

Honestly, he’s probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer – yet. But he’s getting smarter and smarter all the time as he learns what’s working and not working – for individuals and organizations. 

How does Alfred work?

Alfred is a little shy about showing off his innards, but rest assured that he will always do his best to listen to you and try to help make the workplace even better than it already is. He has a good memory so he’ll try to improve as he goes.

Is my feedback to Alfred anonymous?

That’s your call. You can designate your feedback as anonymous – or not. If you’d like someone to respond to you, it would be better to make it not anonymous. After all, how else will someone know who to contact?

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