Automotive Intelligence at your Fingertips

Let's re-imagine the Automotive Industry with zero searching None. Ever again. What would that look like?

Let's say you're a Warranty Claims Specialist. What if you could simply ask your AI about any warranty issues - internal or external?

Let's say you're an Automotive Market Researcher. What if you could ask your AI to look up sales and options information - along with customer feedback - and have the AI put that all in a report for you - in just seconds?

Let's say your a Technical Design Engineer. What if you could ask your AI to look up safety and security standards - both internal and external - and reconcile the conflicting bodies of knowledge to make an immediate design decision?

Want to get to market two months earlier?

How about saving ~$2m per model?

With Humaxa's Generative AI for the Automotive Industry, this is all possible.

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