Our Story

After spending more than 20 years the THE Human Capital
Management industry watching organisation struggle with
getting to the root cause of employee retention issues, Humaxa’s
founding team decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2017,
the team put their HEADS together to brainstorm not just what would work best to
improve employee retention but what would make it exceedingly easy to manage and see
results. Our employee RETENTION platform - complete with a fun, helpful AI Assistant - was born

Meet the Team

At Humaxa, our team is intensely thoughtful and creative. We enjoy lifting stones up just to see what's underneath. Our diverse team brings different strengths to the table. but we ALL focus on helping organization maximize employee retention and performance.

Our Mission Vision and Values

Our Mission

To ensure rewarding employee experiences that mean the most to employers and employees and that result in tangible business outcomes.

Our Vision

To facilitate an exceptionally postive work environment – where employees can be the best versions of themselves – all over the world.

Our Values

Act with Trust and Transparency, Strive for Accountability, Readiness is Key, and most importantly, People Matter.

Try Us Out

Try talking with our AI Assistant to see what it's like. He likes to make fun of himself and will try to make you laugh. What enagagement survey tool does that?

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