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The Pace of Change in HR Tech

Wow! Based on what we at Humaxa saw at the 2019 HRTechXpo in #San Francisco last week, HRTech is evolving at a pace that’s unheard of in the history of HR. As most people know, HR started out focused on transactions and compliance. Those aspects of the discipline are...

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Option Z

As we wrap up 2018, I would like to share with you a strategy I like to call “Option Z.” So many times in life we’re given options: Do you want fries or a salad with that? Do you want to grab a coffee or a beer? Do you prefer smoothies or milkshakes? What if we...

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Sad Times, Happy Times

Greetings, all! For those of you who know me well, you know that I’ve gone through some tough times recently. On December 27th, I lost my mom to Parkinson’s Disease (among other ailments) and it’s been difficult to adjust to a world that she’s no longer a part of, at...

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What really makes work feel like “home?”

I recently read an article by Sarah Payne for Human Capital Media's Industry Insights that talked about how more than half of workers in the US are actively searching for new jobs. That's a shockingly huge number. I'm also thinking back over the many years I worked...

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What have you noticed lately?

One thing I've seen time and time again is that people guess at the cause of an HR issue, instead of really digging to get to the root of the problem. That's totally understandable, especially given how busy everyone is. It also makes sense if people are pretty sure...

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