Still using surveys to measure employee engagement?

Say “Hello” to Alfred; he is an AI chatbot assistant. He addresses employee retention and performance by communicating with workers, predicting which actions will make people stay and perform their best, and offering to initiate those actions – things like group knowledge sharing, 360-degree feedback, mentoring, recognition, and more.




You decide: What questions Alfred should ask, what solutions he should offer, what topics he suggests,  and how often he should reach out. Alfred will follow your every command.


Track employee engagement and feedback easily. Data trends are tracked over time, flagged, and the most concerning feedback automatically bubbles to the top, helping to predict issues before they happen.


Alfred adapts to each organization and personalizes experiences for each employee. He will figure out what’s working (and not working) to retain and engage your employees.


Alfred doesn’t just ask for feedback – he offers to take action based on what employees say. Reduce employee turnover, increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism.

Why Humaxa?

Have you ever taken an employee satisfaction survey of any type? If so, was it something you looked forward to because you knew it was going to be FUN and INSTANTLY MEANINGFUL?

We’re guessing the answer to that question is “no.” We’re changing all that. Click on the video to the right to learn more.


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